Prepaid Capped Consumer ADSL

Hard Capped ADSL (Fibre Backbone) package

Our Prepaid ADSL is one of the cheapest ADSL solutions in South Africa whilst maintaining a premium unshaped broadband service. Using your existing telephone lines the ADSL service is simple to use and can accept up to 10 concurrent connections or locations to connect to the Internet at the highest speed your Telkom line can offer. Enjoy maximum line performance whilst browsing, streaming or gaming.

Monthly Recurring Prices

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Package Details

20GB anytime data

50GB anytime data

100GB anytime data

150GB anytime data

200GB anytime data

300GB anytime data

Prepaid ADSL Cap 20GB 50GB 100GB 150GB 200GB 300GB
Top Up per GB R7.50 R7.50 R7.50 R7.50 R7.50 R7.50
ADSL Connection Speed up to 40Mbps up to 40Mbps up to 40Mbps up to 40Mbps up to 40mbps up to 40mbps
Line Dependent Speed accept accept accept accept accept accept
Monthly Purchase Sign-up

Subscribers should note; 3 month data rollover of unused bandwidth is only offered with new Capped ADSL's packages.
All capped services are sold pro rata with automatically adjusted pro data packages.


If you have trouble installing a Telkom ADSL line then have a look at our 3G Mobile Data Packages for 3G HSDPA and LTE Networks
using MTN. If you need 3G and ADSL modems, try our awesome devices that offer a failover between ADSL and 3G.

ADSL Info?

Prepaid Capped ADSL service offers a user a selection of data packages in GBs per month to use with the flexibility to Top up your account. The selected package purchased gives you super fast adsl access on an existing Telkom telephone fixed line with an ADSL service. During your monthly usage period you might exceed your allocated bundle purchased whereby you can easily and instantly upgrade to a bigger package to begin in the next month or purchase Top Up GBs for instant usage online. Our Top Up GBs are available at a different price as it is purchased outside of the selected package bundle for the month. With our capped ADSL packages you are able to access your account from 10 concurrent location for the best in speed and performance. Your connection can connect to the internet at the maximum speed the ADSL line is capable of which offers a great online ADSL experience.

How much ADSL data?

Are you simply using the internet for general browsing, checking emails, browsing social media and doing your online banking? The 12GB or 20GB package is perfect for you. You are allowed to access your account from 10 concurrent connections, so the 50GB package is a better bet if you have a few users (or kids!) doing a lot of browsing, emailing and using social media to view and upload pictures and media for family and friends. The 100GB and 150GB package is best for your internet junkie who does substantial internet usage, including media streaming, VoIP calls, downloads and gaming.

Easy ADSL Setup

All ITNT ADSL accounts are setup on completion of approved online payments. All users must register first with email verification before being able to purchase a capped adsl line. On completion of payment in a secure payment enviroment you'll receive an email with your account details, login to your ADSL modem and setup your new account so that you can start browsing. Please make sure that you have a Telkom fixed line with ADSL line installed to take advantage of this great solution. If you dont have ADSL lines availble in your area then you can get our 3G Mobile Data for instant activation on MTN Networks.

How do I make my ADSL work?

You require an active Telkom telephone line, an ADSL line and Router/Modem along with one of our data packages to be able to access the internet. We have some great ADSL routers that offer 3G failover if you ever experience a Telkom line issue and need constant interent access.

ADSL Speed

We are using Internet Solutions, one of the biggest network providers in Africa to give you the speed and reliability you would want to expect for an ADSL Solution from ITNT. We are a Platinum Partner able to offer a great variety of products tailered to your every need. If you need an email service or domain registration for a new business and require instant activation? Look no further as we offer all of these great services.

ADSL Contracts

No Contracts. If you change your mind and want to cancel your ADSL service for monthly recurring services, you can log in and request cancellation via our management portal. A calendar month's notice is required for monthly recurring services. The service will automatically cancel at the end of the current billing period for once off packages.

Account Management

Login to our client zone to see your data usage, upgrade your package and top up your package with extra GBs as and when you need. Click here to gain access to the login management portal and view your account at any time. Monthly and daily usage reporting is available inside your ADSL account portal.

Try our support

We are very proud of our support team, eager to please our customers. Each technician has a world of online knowledge to help support your online needs. In a perfect world we would like to resolve a call at the first oppertunity. You can contact us using the following support mediums immidiately by telephone, remote support or email ticket. A product resolution is always better than a fix so in some cases a little extra time required is better for all.