Business ADSL Uncapped

ITNT Uncapped BDSL Packages (Uncapped ADSL or DSL)

Looking for unlimited interent access, try our uncapped services. We deploy a rapid activation process which means that we can deploy an internet service by next business day any where in South Africa's main metroploitan area's (Telkom ADSL line required prior to installation). We offer a simplified billing service and no contracts are required. These packages give you a monthly ceiling on your costs but not your internet access. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information on the Acceptable Usage Policy.


uncapped bdsl













Business ADSL Speed 4 MB 10 MB 20 MB 40MB
Business ADSL Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Business ADSL Setup & Modem R2 599.00 R2 599.00 R2 599.00 R2 599.00
ADSL Transmission Type Fibre Fibre Fibre Fibre
ADSL Fixed IP's 5 5 5 5
All prices incl VAT


*Uncapped Business ADSL Packages - bandwidth usage is unlimited but line speed is restricted by your service selection i.e DSL 512k gives you a maximum download of 512 kb/s.
**Services provided with the package are: 5 Static IP's.
ITNT Acceptable Usage Policy applies to these services.

Step by Step Guide on getting Connected with ITNT ADSL

1. Install an ADSL Line
Firstly, you need to find out if ADSL is available in your area. To do this, click here for the Telkom ADSL Checker. Enter your telephone number and the Checker will tell you if ADSL is enabled in your area.

Once you have established availability, phone Telkom (10120) and request an ADSL upgrade on your telephone line. You do NOT need to order a separate ADSL line.

You will need a micro-filter on your line. Request that Telkom install the micro-filter when they upgrade your line.

Telkom will ask you what speed line you want (the cost of the line rental varies with the speed of the line). Contact us if you are not sure what speed line you should get or click here to learn more about ADSL line speeds. The cost of your Telkom ADSL line rental increases with the speed of the line you select, so make sure you choose the right speed for your requirements.

Telkom’s ADSL Line Rental Rates: ADSL Line Rental Fees

Monthly rental excludes phone line rental, phone calls and call charges made to the Internet access POP number.

If ADSL is not possible, then Wireless or 3G/HSDPA might be the solution for you. Check out our Wireless and 3G/HSDPA packages.

2. Purchase an ADSL Modem / Router
You then need to buy and install an ADSL modem/router.

ITNT supplies ADSL Modems at competitive prices. Click here to order your ADSL modem/router from ITNT.

3. Get Connected with ITNT ADSL
Once your line has been installed, you can select your ADSL package from the options above and send us request. If you are not sure which bandwidth limit is suitable for your needs, contact us and we will advise you, or click here to learn more about ADSL Bandwidth. All our standard ADSL packages are “soft cap”, meaning that you can purchase additional bandwidth if you reach your cap before the end of the month.

Hardware can be quoted per customer request.