IT Desktop Support

If you are looking for a computer expert who provides technical support to people having problems with their computers, laptop's or tablets, then try ITNT Desktop support. We can help solve both hardware and software problems; diagnose and resolve network connectivity problems and help customers with product updates.

Let ITNT be the answer to your IT needs with remote desktop support services. This important support role is offered by a dedicated team that are knowledgable to current IT issues and user environments. We enjoy identifying issues and problem solving them whilst you focus on your work deadlines.


ITNT is your first line of defence when IT problems arise.

IT Support is the simplest answer for medium to large businesses that can not afford onsite techincal support. If your business is looking for fast and reliable remote support services then ITNT remote desktop support is the best answer to your problems.

ITNT Support is managed as an Hourly Service per session request. If a support request is longer than an hour then an onsite request may be required to help resolve the problem.


IT desktop support










Support Desktops and Laptops accept accept accept
Support Tablets and Smartphones accept accept accept
Support Response Prioritization 5 hours 2 hours Immediate Support
Requires Internet Access Yes Yes Yes
Support Connection Link Download Now Download Now Download Now
All prices incl VAT
  • Remote support is available throughout South Africa – ITNT provides dedicated support technicians which has immidiate points of presence across South Africa and is monitored daily 8am till 5 pm.
  • Scalable Services – Services can be easily upgraded to meet growth in client support requirements. These services accomodate small and medium enterprise networks who require constant internet support, larger customers can be discussed by request.
  • VPN Support Services – point to point support solutions are available throughout South Africa, with shorter leads times required to deploy and offering reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Quality of Services – detailed feedback reports will be supplied to the client in order to show support service usage. This service is available monthly.
  • Internet connectivity to help support services – as long as you have a good internet conection any failure can be dealt with immediately by ITNT in order to cause the least possible disruption to client. ITNT support is best suited for customers who cannot afford to be offline and require a budgeted service cost.

Why choose ITNT Remote Support?

  • Fixed hourly rate
  • You are always have someone available to help
  • You choose the support technician
  • Safe and secure
  • Connect remote offices - VPN Support Services

Also see ADSL-3G Failover or Fibre Services as an alternative to Diginet for Speeds above 2MB/s.