Broadband Fibre Internet Services

ITNT’s Fibre Lines services provide clients with access to the Internet from 10Mbps up to 200Mbps. If you are looking for very high reliability and availability at high speeds online then Broadband Fibre optics is the solution to your internet or VPN services. Broadband fibre and enterprise/dedicated fibre bandwidth is available to enable your business to communicate using the fastest local and international internet bandwidth.

Fibre internet services are available as an uncapped broadband fibre service. A great connectivity soultion for medium to large businesses that can not afford to lose their connection to the Internet. Fibre offers blistering fast and reliable Internet access; if you are looking for speed then this is the best answer to your internet problems.

A Fibre optic internet line supplies permanent connectivity to the internet. You only pay a fixed monthly rental regardless of the amount traffic you send over the link. It is an uncapped service that supports data, voice and video signals at speeds ranging up to 200 Mbps. Fibre prices quoted are for Openserve Fibre Combo lines, prices will vary with other fibre line providers.

Check your Coverage

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10/5Mbps Uncapped Fibre



20/10Mbps Uncapped Fibre



40/20Mbps Uncapped Fibre



100/50Mbps Uncapped Fibre



200/100Mbps Uncapped Fibre



Setup Fee 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Public Ip's 1 IP (Optional Extra) 1 IP (Optional Extra) 1 IP (Optional Extra) 1 IP (Optional Extra) 1 IP (Optional Extra)
Fibre Router Required Required Required Required Required
All prices incl VAT

Fibre Internet Installation Terms

* Acceptable Usage Policy applies. Price Includes VAT.
*Fibre prices quoted are for Openserve Fibre lines, prices will vary with other fibre line providers. Fibre Broadband Access is supplied as a best effort service by the supplier. Should we not be able to proceed with your application we will advise you thereof.
Fibre installations are subject to an installation and connection fee. Additional fees may apply should trenching be required to complete the installation, ITNT will make any additional charges known to the client and the client will be required to accept or reject these charges before the order is completed.
Please note that should the service be ordered and the incorrect address is supplied, the client will be responsible for all charges relating to the order placed at the incorrect address.
An additional fee will be charged for re-grading the speed of a fibre line as well as outdoor transfers (new address) and transfers between Service Providers.
A Calendar months notice is required for cancelation. Written Cancellations for fibre lines must be submitted via the support email channel.
By completing the order it is deemed that consent has been received from the landlord, owner or body corporate for the installation of the service.

Fibre Internet Specifications

  • Fibre symmetrical services - ITNT fibre solution provides equal upload and download speeds, ensuring that important emails with large attachments or urgent work documents that you need to upload will always go through at high speeds.
  • Available Throughout South Africa – Desktop surveys can confirm fibre availability in your area. As Fibre availability increases its points of presence across South Africa you can have access to the future of internet services.
  • Scalable Services – Services can be easily upgraded to meet growth in data transfer requirements. These services accomodate small, medium and large enterprise networks who require constant internet connections for large file transfers and steady email traffic.
  • “Best-Effort” Service - In lieu of no SLA attached to the Broadband service, our enterprise service desk and support technicians are always available to assist you at all times.
  • Fibre Router - ITNT will include a new configured router on any new Broadband Fibre service. Upgrades to fibre speeds above 30Mbps will incur a surcharge of R750 to support the 30Mbps to 100 Mbps speeds.

Why choose a Fibre line?

  • Symmetrical Servce
  • Fixed monthly rate
  • You are always connected
  • No network congestion
  • You choose the connection speed
  • Constant connection speed
  • Fixed IP Address is available as an optional extra to be purchased

Important points to remember?

  • Prices are subject to a month to month contract
  • Each service can be allocated 1Static Public IP addresses if purchased as an optional extra
  • SMTP Relay is not available on Fibre services
  • Line uptime and monitoring can be requested as an additional support service, a fixed IP is required for this soultion offering. Contact us for pricing and options.

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