ITNT’s Diginet Lines provide clients with the ability to lease dedicated bandwidth to enable their business to communicate using the fastest local and international internet bandwidth.

Diginet Leased lines are the simplest answer for medium to large businesses that can not afford to lose their connection to the Internet. If your business is looking for fast and reliable Internet access with zero downtime, a diginet leased line is the best answer to your problems.

A diginet leased line is a dedicated circuit that supplies permanent connectivity to the internet. Diginet lines start at speeds of 64 kbps and increase in increments of 64 kbps and because Diginet is a leased line service you only pay a fixed monthly rental regardless of the amount traffic you send over the link. It is an uncapped service that supports data, voice and video signals at speeds ranging up to 2 MB/s.

  • Available Throughout South Africa – Diginet provides dedicated connectivity and runs off Telkom's national digital data transmission network, which has more than 1 000 points of presence across South Africa and is monitored 24 X 7.
  • Scalable Services – Services can be easily upgraded to meet growth in data transfer requirements. These services accomodate small and medium enterprise networks who require constant internet connections for large file transfers and steady email traffic.
  • VPN Services – point to point solution available throughout South Africa, with shorter leads times required to deploy and offering reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Quality of Services – detailed MRTG Graphs will be supplied to the client in order to show bandwidth utilisation and line capacity. This service is available 24/7 and is updated every 5minutes.
  • Line and Server up time – will be tracked and monitored so that if there is any failure it will be dealt with immediately by InTheNet Technologies in order to cause the least possible disruption to client. Diginet is ideally suited for customers who cannot afford to be offline and require fixed cost, guaranteed connectivity.

Why choose a diginet line?

  • Fixed monthly rate
  • You are always connected
  • No network congestion
  • You choose the connection speed
  • Constant connection speed
  • Fixed IP Addresses
  • No contention ratio
  • Connect remote offices - VPN Services

Also see ADSL-3G Failover or Fibre Services as an alternative to Diginet for Speeds above 2MB/s.